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Debut EP 'Honeymoon' is a carefully crafted collection of 5 tracks: Honeymoon, Pin Me Down, Long Old Road, Hold Onto Water and Ticking boxes that is avaliable to stream everywhere now, digital download available via > merch page <


Fransis has 7 other singles released under the previous name Emma & the Idles


You can download and stream on all major platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Napstar, Shazam, Tidal and more. Or why not listen now?! Click to start the player below


WATCH: FRANSIS // Pin Me Down (Official Video)

WATCH: FRANSIS // Honeymoon (Official Video)

WATCH: FRANSIS // Here Come the Tigers! (Official Video)

WATCH: FRANSIS // Barren Paradise (Official Video)

WATCH: FRANSIS // OWE IT TO YOU (Official Video)

WATCH: FRANSIS // My Mantra (Official Video)

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