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EARMILK: 'Five tracks of pure alternative perfection' 
LOUDER THAN WAR: 'the punchy ease of a kind of chart classic you don’t hear much of these days' 
THE WOMENS INTERNATIONAL MUSIC NETWORK: ‘The meaningful melodies combine beautifully rhythmic rebellion to form five tracks that are truly unique’



WHAT ON WHAT'S GOOD 'This EP is honest from the get-go, I picked out songs that had a powerful female-driven narrative, you can expect to cry, dance, and head-bang in under 20 minutes' 

NALUDA MAGAZINE 'It really has been a life long obsession, i’m so protective of Kate Bush!'

THE BUCKET PLAYLIST:  ‘I did 8 takes to get the raw emotion out of me’





JAMMERZINE: 'That moment in life when we feel immortal and nothing can touch us. Oh, to be back in those days, if only for a moment. That moment now has a soundtrack' 

ATWOOD MAGAZINE: 'thundering rhythm section, passionate vocals and spine-tingling harmonies'

MUSIC REPUBLIC MAGAZINE:  'slice of classy Americana-flavoured, folk-tinged rock/pop'

LISTEN WITH MONGER: 'Fransis feel utterly unique and new like that first warm day of the year or the first kiss with your new infatuation. Exhilerating stuff.'



Pin Me Down

SHE MAKES MUSIC: 'Fransis make music that smacks you in the face in a slightly different way'

FROM THE STRAIT: 'a Tori Amos feel. Fantastic vocals and overall song'

VARIENCE MAGAZINE: 'Fransis are exemplifying their creative bliss in the alt-indie scene'


FRANSIS is a London based artist hailed as 'Jessie J meets Joan Jett', with a balls to the wall approach to her sound and sharp songwriting style, FRANSIS is blowing the doors off the indie pop/rock music scene.


Reminiscent of Wolf Alice and Florence + The Machine, FRANSIS make music that smacks you in the face in a slightly different way, and whilst she floats between genres of rock, indie, pop, soul and blues; she show's an unrelenting penchant for dramatic, powerful and meaningful music. After busking on the streets of London and making a name for herself as a unique and energetic performer, powerhouse singer FRANSIS started to work with guitarist Alex Scott to accelerate the sound she so desperately wanted.


Her highly-anticipated debut EP Honeymoon enthrals listeners with ethereal pop elements and melodious rhythm. Kicking off with lead single “Honeymoon”, FRANSIS narrates a journey of womanhood, taking a fond look back on the sweetness of childhood rebellion.  She lyrically recounts stories from her formative years as her now-adult self, sharing “It’s nice to have an uplifting sense of appreciation for my own personal experiences which have moulded me even if they didn't seem so poignant or great at the time, how we know not what we have until it’s gone.” Then there is “Long Old Road”, showcasing musical diversity like no other. Bashing beats and daring riffs strike listeners with harmonic bliss, proving just how versatile she can be. 


Furthering encapsulation of pop-rock perfection, her EP also includes latest single “Pin Me Down”, spurred by the tragic murder of Sarah Everard. It tackles a subject which is often difficult to talk about but shared by so many women, that of sexual assault, candidly focusing on the mental strain, particularly in the aftermath, and the struggle behind closed doors. Described as a therapeutic exorcism, “Pin Me Down” furthers FRANSIS’ euphonious narrative. 


With huge steps on the horizon, FRANSIS’ debut EP Honeymoon is sure to be a big hit. The meaningful melodies combine beautifully rhythmic rebellion to form five tracks that are truly unique. Needless to say, we can expect extraordinary things. 



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